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Sites are located in one of the best St. Petersburg Selectel data center has an uninterrupted power supply and a wide network of independent points of Internet access. Therefore UPTIME our servers, is never less than 99.9%.
used server always meet the latest modern technology and provide mirrored disks with Raid 1 and must backup all sites. We use only licensed software, which always has the latest version.
We give 20 days for testing on request.
All tariffs support the PHP 4 to 8, Node 6 to 14, Wsgi Python App (Django, Pyramid, Flask and other modules) with Python 2.7,3.3-3.8 versions, Perl 5, MySQL 8.
you can use the site builder, automatic installation 250 CMS and scripts in one click. All clients issued free SSL-certificate forever.

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All popular CMS work, without special tariffs!

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Why choose our hosting?

We have been professionally hosting and registering domains since 2005. And we have gained huge experience and grateful customers all over the world. For hosting we use AMD EPYC 7282 16-Core Processor 3.2GHz servers. The operating system CloudLinux, the recognized leader of the * nix system. This OS helps to eliminate situations in which a sudden consumption of resources by one of the users results in inaccessibility of the entire server. It is characterized by maximum performance and stability. Due to this, a high uptime, which exceeds 99%, is ensured.

  • Instant Domain Registration

    Domain Name Registration for 5 minutes at a low price in a hundred areas such as RU, Russian Federation, COM and others. Our domains of work on any hosting.

  • Free domains

    Get a domain RU, the Russian Federation and some other free when you pay for hosting.

  • Convenient, automated control panel

    The unique account management panel, domain and hosting of its own design.

  • Hosting on the cloud OS CloudLinux

    The operating system designed specifically for hosting service providers with enhanced security and has unique properties and allows to distinguish between users, so they do not interfere with each - other and limit their consumption of server resources.

  • High speed and security

    Through the use of unique technologies, such as LiteSpeed module for PHP, which is 35-70% faster than standard PHP modules. And systems CageFS, which creates for you a separate virtual server with its own resources, and protects you from intrusion with parallel accounts. Plus it allows you to use your version of the software with their modules. For example, PHP versions from 4.4 to 8, changing them in one click.

  • The most powerful hosting control panel cPanel

    Control Panel server for hosting customer. You can easily manage all aspects of hosting services. Create mailboxes, manage databases, PHP versions 4.4-8, statistics, backups, and more.

  • Free SSL-certificate

    Certificate from Cpanel or Comodo https connection to for your website at any rate. The certificate is automatically created for all your domains on a hosting, no action is required from you.

  • Free website builder

    You can easily create a website, blog, photo gallery, guest book, etc. More than 900 templates of sites, banners, buttons. More ...

  • Supports all versions of programming languages

    You can use all available versions of the popular programming languages. Such as PHP 4 to 8 (ionCube, Zend Guard Loader, GD2, PEAR and others. You yourself can add modules in 1 click), NodeJS 6 to 9 version, Python 2.7, Wsgi Python App (Django, Pyramid, Flask and other modules) with Python 2.7,3.3-3.6 versions, Perl 5. All versions are constantly updated.

  • More than 250 CMS in one click

    You will see the installation of most popular free CMS. Such as blogs, forums, CMS (content management system Joomla, Wordpress, Drupal, etc.), guest books, online shopping and more. More ...

  • Unique variable rates

    All fares, you can change. They are not rigid. For example, if you have a 100 meg disk and 2 sites. You can safely put a 5, 10 or more sites without changing the disc or on the contrary, to put less. In this way you save your money and do not pay too much.

  • Protection against data loss

    Enhanced Backup utility jetbackup account each day, week and month on a separate server. In addition to a full backup, a separate database is stored, files, e-mail. Their you can always restore a single click. And of course, the mirroring server drives using RAID 1.

  • Fast SSD drives

    All servers are equipped with the latest, fastest SSD drives. They have no moving parts and operate with virtually RAM speed. Mirrored disks with RAID 1 on the event of failure of one of them.

  • 10 days test period

    We are confident in our services, and that you may be sure, we give you 10 days free trial period. At the same time we do not have write-offs on the timing, we pay rent, and you can always return the balance.

  • The best data center in St. Petersburg

    The modern data center Tier III reliability with guaranteed communication channel with high capacity, uninterruptible power supplies and cooling is required.

  • Reliable email email on your domain

    Secure connection for SMTP/IMAP/POP3, easy access through a web interface. Protect your mail Antivirus and anti-spam.

  • Free transfer site

    If you are moving from another web hosting provider, we free transfer your site .

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